Find an Intern or Graduate to do Digital Marketing. Sales & Growth. Operations. Business Analytics.

We help startups and SMEs find ambitious students and graduates for internships, work placements and full-time jobs.

Get support in these fields

Business Development / Sales / Operations
Business Development / Sales / Operations
Ramp up your sales and business development capacity, provide excellent customer service and make sure your projects are on track.
Digital Marketing / PR
Digital Marketing / PR
Hire someone for social media management, content marketing, market research, SEO optimisation, PR outreach, partnerships and more
Market Research & Business Analytics
Market Research & Business Analytics
Study the market or gain new insights into your business using data analytics.

Working with Luna

We do all the upfront work free of charge and only match you with relevant talents.

Our Recruitment Process

A better way of hiring interns and grads

You want to hire an intern, a working student or a graduate, but it's hard to find the right person? Here is our process to help you with the search:

Register your interest
Submit your details by clicking "Get started for free"
Get the search started
We will work with you to create a job description, advertise the role through our partner universities and do talent screenings.
Get matched
We will make suggestions of talents whose skills and ambitions match with your role.
We will connect you with the talents that you like to set up their interviews with you.
Confirm talent
You make a hiring decision after the interview process. Done!

Simple & Fair Pricing

Whether you are looking for short-term or long-term support, full-time or part-time, our pricing is transparent and fair. You pay as you go and only once we find you a great candidate.

Our fees

Part-time placements (up to 20 hours per week):

£125+VAT per month*

Full-time placements (more than 20 hours per week):

£200+VAT per month*

*VAT is charged at a standard rate of 20% and may not be applicable if you are an EU-based company.

What to pay the talent

We generally recommend paying a monthly stipend, a success bonus or offer commissions to incentive the talent and reward great work. 

Most of our talents are not expecting any compensation, especially if they are doing the placement for academic credits or for specific work experience. 

Please get in touch if you would like to chat about details.


What our clients say about hiring with Luna Talents.

Pedro was very knowledgeable about digital marketing and helped me to generate sales leads using techniques that I did not know about. Your intern placement service is so useful and such good value!

Jane Peyton
School of Booze

Our intern has been a real asset to our startup. She quickly took charge of our social media accounts and came up with fresh ideas to engage with our followers.

Marc Antoine

Claudia joined us during a really exciting time of growth and helped with on-boarding new clients. Her customer orientation and can-do attitude were essential in building trust these clients. They all love her!

Jenna Smith

Our Partner Universities


How quickly can you match me with a talent?
If we have someone suitable in our talent pool, you could get matched within 48 hours. However, we usually have to advertise your role through our partner universities and wait for applications. Therefore, the sooner you can submit your role, the quicker we can start the search!
What happens if a talent doesn't work out?
You can give the candidate a small task before you decide to take them on board. If you notice any issues with a talent, please contact us so we can help clarify the situation. Since our placements are pay as you go, you can always cancel the placement for the end of the month.
Will you provide assistance with contracts?
We will support you with any internship agreements or paperwork that might be required from universities and also have a work contract template, which we can share with you for reference. It will be your responsibility to ensure that they are legally suitable for your business.

Got more questions?

Our friendly customer service team is happy to help.

Looking for an internship?

Join our Talent Pool

If you are looking for an internship (for university credits or extra-curricular) and interested in working for startups and small businesses, then we’d love to hear from you. 

Most of our roles are remote, so you don’t have to be based in the same city as the company.